ICYMI: Friday March 13, 2015

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Having spent the bulk of the week on travel, this week is an abbreviated edition of ICYMI. Quality, not quantity!

Intention – original content by Walter

A Deep Dive Into Learning Innovation [VIDEO 12:39]

Global Growth Strong and Accelerating in 2016

Learning from the Emerging Future

What Do 7 Billion People Do? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Privacy Pitfalls as Education Apps Spread Haphazardly

“Our” Kids

How Open Educational Resources are being used in Schools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Legal Challenge to NYC Tenure Passes Hurdle

Creating the Malden Maker Space [VIDEO 2:41]


ICYMI: Friday March 6, 2015

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March Mindset – original content by Walter

Moving Beyond a Single Measure of a School

Rigor: What it Is, and What it Isn’t [TABLE]

How Social Media Impacts the Politics of Education

Four Reasons to Worry About “Personalized Learning”

Students: The Future of Learning Environments [VIDEO 5:56]

When School Leaders Empower Teachers, Better Ideas Emerge

Learning: The Factory Model versus the Flow

Sackstein: What if Education Honored Students’ Individuality…

Mindsets And The Power of Believing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating Memes to Explore Themes

Report: Local News in a Digital Age

Abdul-Jabbar: Who Will Lead Black Americans?

Sleeping Well in the Digital Age [INFOGRAPHIC]

Education Comes Down to Cultural Capital and Skills

The Gap Between Girls and Boys is Widening

A New Approach to Designing Educational Technology

A Display of School Spirit to Kick Off Your Weekend [VIDEO 5:27]

Tech Disrupts Traditional Work…Is That Really a Bad Thing?


ICYMI: Friday February 27, 2015

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Your Next Generation of Professional Development – original content by Walter

LMS Evolution or Extinction? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Schools Are Failing Our Boys

Today’s Reformers Have a Major Blind Spot

Sheninger: Teacher Accountability Through a New Lens

Standardized Testing is Not Teaching [VIDEO 3:31]

Urging a Common Sense Look at PARCC Testing

Why Use a School #Hashtag? [VIDEO 2:09]

Using Design Thinking to Create a New School

Crowdfunding in the Upstart Age [INFOGRAPHIC]

University as a Learning Design Challenge

More Conflict Over Cutting Federal Role in Education

27 Ways to Be A Reflective Practitioner [INFOGRAPHIC]

A State-Led ESEA Compromise

8 Maryland School Systems’ Ed Tech Success

TN Lawmaker Wants to Bill K-12 for College Remediation

The Filter Bubble: Invisible Algorithmic Editing of the Web [VIDEO 9:00]

Blogging is Key to Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Education Research Lessons from 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure Tutorial [VIDEO 0:19]

A Teacher’s Letter to Her New Superintendent

Teaching: Natural Human Ability


ICYMI: Friday February 20, 2015

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Cerebral Networking – original content by Walter

Does Teaching Kids To Get “Gritty” Help Them Get Ahead?

8 Semantic Mapping Tools for the Classroom

Building The Basics of Personalized Professional Learning

1905: Einstein’s Miracle Year [VIDEO 5:16]

6 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Ed

NH’s Journey Toward Competency-Based Education

Innovation as Freewheeling Collaboration [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Things You Should Know About Makerspaces [PDF]

SETDA Seeks Ed Tech Startups for Private Sector Partners Program

Publishing Scholarly Work Digitally

Generation Z: Growing and Learning with Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shifting the Culture in Learner-Centered Environments/

It’s Time to Stop Using Terms Like “Achievement Gap” & “Student Success”

Improving Accountability in ESEA

Report: Pearson Earns Profits Even When It Doesn’t Get Results

The Myth of the Minecraft Curriculum


ICYMI: Friday February 13, 2015

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Hello? I’d Like to Report a Hijacking! – original content by Walter

A Challenge to Educators with Innovative Ideas

Lipsky: What the Tests Don’t Tell Us

BYOD’s Brutal Authenticity

7 Habits of Optimistic People

How Secure are Your School Data Management Systems?

Good Intentions & Unintended Consequences

Paradoxes of Ed Reform Critics

Orr: Educational Malpractice

ASCD: It’s Time to Rethink Antiquated Accountability Systems

Shakira: Initiating a Tidal Wave of Change [VIDEO 1:39]

A Blueprint for the Future of Relevant Schools

What If We Pursued a Culture of Learning Instead of a Culture of Achievement?

Wi-Fi Enabled School Buses: Providing A Basic Human Right?

How Education Breaks the Prison Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digitizing the Humanities

Striving for a Pedagogy of Empowerment

Makerspace at Deer Park Elementary [VIDEO 3:02]

Seattle Project Tackles Suburban Poverty & Early Education Deficit


ICYMI: Friday February 6, 2015

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That’s Why They Play the Game – original content by Walter

App-Dependent or App-Enabled?

What Teachers Make and What It Buys Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Doing the Math on Teacher Pensions

What Do We Really Mean When We Say ‘Personalized Learning’?

Secret Teacher: I want to be like Yoda, but I feel more like a Stormtrooper

The Status of Trust in Education

Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

Wireless Kiosks Keep 1-to-1 Initiative Running After Hours

Creativity Joins Fragments of Knowledge into a New Unity of Understanding

NC Early Childhood Impact on Special Ed Placements by 3rd Grade

How Vaccination Rates Have Changed, State by State

Annual Testing, Common Core Hot-Button Issues in NCLB Debate

Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up [VIDEO 6:10]

Parenting in the Social Age [INFOGRAPHIC]

Overcoming Second-Guessing Syndrome

Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America

Leaving Traditional Schooling Behind [VIDEO 3:18]

Raising Education Standards: The Key To Better Policing?


ICYMI: Friday January 30, 2015

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Staring Myself Down – original content by Walter

Lamar Alexander: Federal Accountability Of Schools and Teachers A Failure

Decoding Dyslexia [INFOGRAPHIC]

Microsoft’s “Classroom of the Future”

Further Explanation of the Transformational 6 Questions on Technology Use

Tenkely: To Change Education, Change Your Mindset

Learning vs. Knowledge Building

The Wonderful & Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn [VIDEO 19:47]

Higher Education May Earn Your Child Middle Class Status, If It’s Still Around

Data Mine: Schools Still Separate and Unequal

Schlechty’s Levels of Classroom Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sackstein: “Having This Growth Mindset is a Very, Very Challenging Thing” [VIDEO 3:28]

Reforming While White

How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location? [VIDEO 5:04]

Common Core Standards in Action

Fostering Women Leaders: A Five-Question Check

Google, Deep Learning and the Neural Net

How Mobile Technology Impacts Learning

The Case For and Against Infographic Resumes

2015 eLearning Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]


ICYMI: Friday January 23, 2015

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The Core Four Educator Requirements – original content by Walter

Dr. King on the Function of Education [MEME]

Let’s Try a New Bold Experiment

Good Grit vs. Bad Grit

Report: 51% of Students Now Live in Poverty

21st Century Child Labor

The Two-Day Laptop Battery Is Here

The Importance of Grit [INFOGRAPHIC]

Growth Mindset at Greenshaw High School [VIDEO 2:31]

SETDA Guide to Implementing Digital Learning

Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand

What If Assessment Elevated Learning Instead of Ranking Students?

The Past, Present & Future Of High-Stakes Testing [TRANSCRIPT AND MP3]

27 Ways to Check for Understanding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wealth, Power & Intellect Are Becoming Hereditary

Equity in Education: Where to Begin?

Stopping The Bus To Get It Right

Reauthorizing ESEA: A Chance to Fix Testing & Accountability

How To Think About Your Growth Mindset [VIDEO 2:32]

The Art Of Making Tough Decisions


ICYMI: Friday January 16, 2015

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Your Innovation Investment – original content by Walter

Should Schools Teach Grit?

Venture Capital Investing in K-12

Teaching is a Matter of Trust

31 Ways to Be Creative [INFOGRAPHIC]

Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters

How Flipped Learning Transformed Ohio State Football

Whitby: We Need Vision Tempered with Reality

Obama Will Urge F.C.C. to Expand Local Broadband

We Have Met the Enemy and This Is Them! [VIDEO 1:51]

Are You Technology Rich, But Innovation Poor?

eLearning in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Education Reporting Is So Boring

A Letter to Teachers Who Give the Rest of Us a Bad Name

Why Teachers Should Ask More Questions

Cubicles are Killing Us!

Cardale Jones Puts His Education First

The Most Controversial Woman in Ed Reform

Counting the People You Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gerstein: 21st Century Educator Self-Assessment [TABLE]

ICYMI: Friday January 9, 2015

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Authenticity – original content by Walter

STEM Makers and Shakers [PODCAST 36:51] – moderated by Walter

How to Curate Your Academic Digital Identity

Leadership Freak: 5 Choices that Lead to Extraordinary Results

4 Visionary Conference Mindsets

The Gamification of Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trust Your Gut

STEM Builds Capacity for Our Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet of Things: Sizing Up the Opportunity

Education Trends & Drivers Impacting Learning by 2020

We Need to be Gritty about Getting our Kids Grittier [VIDEO 3:12]

The Powerful Invisible Force of School Culture

Take Back Your Mornings, Take Charge of Your Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

De Blasio Lifts Ban on Cellphones in NYC Public Schools

Why Can’t Schools Look Like This?

9 Ideas to which Education Is Having Trouble Responding

2015’s Fifty Happiest Companies to Work For

The End of Employeeship As We Know It [INFOGRAPHIC]

America is Secretly Number One Internationally in Education

Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare [transcript plus video clip]

The Mind Subway: Which Line Do You Usually Ride? [INFOGRAPHIC]