7 Habits of Optimistic People


Reposted from Fast Company:

“Children are born optimists and over the course of time, life happens,” says Jason Wachob, cofounder and CEO of the healthy living website MindBodyGreen.com. “Circumstances change and cynicism sets in, but deep down most of us want to get back to the optimism of our childhood.”

David Mezzapelle, author of Contagious Optimism, has studied optimistic people for five years: “Some people are naturally more optimistic,” he says. “I believe, however, that somebody who is negative or pessimistic can control it and improve upon it.”

Optimism isn’t a pie-in-the-sky ideal, says Mezzapelle. “It’s not closing your eyes and being in the clouds,” he says. “People often tell me they’re a realist, but reality alone may prevent you from getting past first base. Combine optimism with acceptance of the life you’ve been dealt, and the sky’s the limit.” Like any healthy habit, Wachob says optimism is something you need to practice every day. He and Mezzapelle share seven traits optimists share and the habits you can implement to become one, too…

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