Orr: Educational Malpractice


Reposted from Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It:

Education and medicine have a lot in common. We like to think of both of them as being sciences, but they are often much more of an art. At times, doctors have the benefit of blood tests or chromosomal tests or urine tests or some other form of test to definitively make a diagnosis. Of course, none of those tests is proof positive some other issue isn’t present as well. So even those tests are just a start. Much of the time, doctors are listening to patients describe symptoms, taking some vital signs, possibly doing some research, and using their experience and knowledge to plan a course of action.

Can you imagine if your doctor suggested a prescription based on a medical test from five months ago? Regardless of your current symptoms?

What if your doctor told you what to do based on one test? Even if it didn’t really fit your symptoms? What would you do? I bet you’d look for a new doctor pretty quickly…

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