1905: Einstein’s Miracle Year [VIDEO 5:16]

As the year 1905 began, Albert Einstein faced life as a “failed” academic. Yet within the next twelve months, he would publish four extraordinary papers, each on a different topic, that were destined to radically transform our understanding of the universe. In this Ted-Ed talk, Larry Lagerstrom details these four groundbreaking papers, making the case for how grit, resilience and a growth mindset can not only change one’s personal destiny, but indeed the destiny of civilization!

2 thoughts on “1905: Einstein’s Miracle Year [VIDEO 5:16]

  1. Reblogged this on JO'C's blog and commented:
    This is an inspirational video. It makes me think as a teacher that I need to keep on pushing and trying even when I feel all is lost, that no one isinnterested, that what I believe is of value is of value. Thanks Actualisation for sharing. You truly bring inspiration.


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