Why Can’t Schools Look Like This?

schools look like this

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The playground is covered in white and the children are pressed up against the window observing a new phenomenon. It’s hailing. I know this because of a video posted on the regularly updated Facebook page, via which I observe my 16 month old grandson learning.

The next batch of photos show a jug of hail being passed around so that all the children can observe and explore it. Some touch, some taste…each seems absorbed in their own discovery. On other occasions, they post unedited videos or photos of both planned and spontaneous learning experiences, of free play and interactions between the children, who are aged from several months to three years.

The learning is made visible to parents and grandparents via these instant updates. Sometimes they include comments and observations, other times I observe for myself. Either way I find it fascinating! Observing the learning in this context makes me reflect on the typical school system and its limiting structures, designed for another era, within (or despite) which most of our students are expected to learn. It makes me wonder…

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3 thoughts on “Why Can’t Schools Look Like This?

  1. Erika Farrant says:

    The title TEACHER is sadly linked to control……..the title facilitator is linked to freedom of learning ….anything you want…anytime you want…..much better😄…the title SCHOOL is linked to structure ..physical and design of programmed time…..the title LEARNING COMMUNITY is linked to space…physical and mental…much better😄…..children should grow up to be happy and healthy first and foremost #loganleplante or view his TEDx talk from Nevada ……all up children want to be listened to and allowed to investigate but they need guidance to seek learning they can connect to✔️💯🌟

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