Seattle Project Tackles Suburban Poverty & Early Education Deficit

roadmap project

Reposted from Thrive by Five Washington:

The changing face of the poor in America goes beyond the deep poverty in the nation’s cities. While it still exists, is being outpaced by rising poverty in its suburbs. Only about a quarter of low-income children are enrolled in high-quality early learning programs, a number that drops to 17 percent if you exclude Seattle, The Road Map Project said today in its 2014 Results Report. Lack of access is probably one of the main reasons the report found only 39 percent of the region’s kindergarten students are ready to start school.

The Road Map Project has an ambitious program to tackle the problem with a comprehensive plan to improve education from infancy through high school in South King County and south Seattle, Washington. The project’s overall goal is to double the number of students who are on track to graduate from college or ready for a career by 2020.

In early learning the project is working to increase school readiness, expand full-day kindergarten and improve access to good child care and preschools, while improving quality among providers. Even though the project is only four years old, it reported today that quality among child care programs is rising. By the end of 2014, half of child care providers in the Road Map Project’s region were in the state’s quality rating and improvement system, Early Achievers, higher than statewide enrollment of 43 percent.

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