ICYMI: Friday January 30, 2015

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Staring Myself Down – original content by Walter

Lamar Alexander: Federal Accountability Of Schools and Teachers A Failure

Decoding Dyslexia [INFOGRAPHIC]

Microsoft’s “Classroom of the Future”

Further Explanation of the Transformational 6 Questions on Technology Use

Tenkely: To Change Education, Change Your Mindset

Learning vs. Knowledge Building

The Wonderful & Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn [VIDEO 19:47]

Higher Education May Earn Your Child Middle Class Status, If It’s Still Around

Data Mine: Schools Still Separate and Unequal

Schlechty’s Levels of Classroom Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sackstein: “Having This Growth Mindset is a Very, Very Challenging Thing” [VIDEO 3:28]

Reforming While White

How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location? [VIDEO 5:04]

Common Core Standards in Action

Fostering Women Leaders: A Five-Question Check

Google, Deep Learning and the Neural Net

How Mobile Technology Impacts Learning

The Case For and Against Infographic Resumes

2015 eLearning Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

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