Cardale Jones Puts His Education First


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At the Zelma George Rec Center on the east side, the buzz was all about Cardale Jones. The Glenville kid who made good, and then chose to stay in school when the NFL was knocking.

“He just showed there’s other things than just sports we be so quick to jump to the money,” said Rassia Mickler, who was at the rec center with her son, Tristan. “It wasn’t about the money. for him it was about the education.” Ten-year-old Tristan kept it real: “He wasn’t ready for the NFL. He only played three games.”

But Rassia’s message is not lost on her son, who is wise beyond his years speaking on his idol, Cardale. “He inspired me today because he picked education before the NFL,” said Tristan. “Education comes before sports. My mom always tells me that, always. Without education, you can’t go anywhere in life.”

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