ICYMI: Friday January 9, 2015

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Authenticity – original content by Walter

STEM Makers and Shakers [PODCAST 36:51] – moderated by Walter

How to Curate Your Academic Digital Identity

Leadership Freak: 5 Choices that Lead to Extraordinary Results

4 Visionary Conference Mindsets

The Gamification of Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trust Your Gut

STEM Builds Capacity for Our Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet of Things: Sizing Up the Opportunity

Education Trends & Drivers Impacting Learning by 2020

We Need to be Gritty about Getting our Kids Grittier [VIDEO 3:12]

The Powerful Invisible Force of School Culture

Take Back Your Mornings, Take Charge of Your Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

De Blasio Lifts Ban on Cellphones in NYC Public Schools

Why Can’t Schools Look Like This?

9 Ideas to which Education Is Having Trouble Responding

2015’s Fifty Happiest Companies to Work For

The End of Employeeship As We Know It [INFOGRAPHIC]

America is Secretly Number One Internationally in Education

Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare [transcript plus video clip]

The Mind Subway: Which Line Do You Usually Ride? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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