Comparing Blended and Flipped Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

blended flipped fullThis infographic, from the Innovative Learning Institute, offers an excellent analysis of the value blended learning can bring to a classroom, as well as why every flipped classroom is a blended learning environment, but every blended learning environment isn’t necessarily a flipped classroom. Be sure to click the infographic for the full version.

8 thoughts on “Comparing Blended and Flipped Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. After we bumped into each other on the #resiliencechat earlier this evening, I started perusing your blog. This post popped out at me because it is actually right on topic for two of my current questions: Should I attempt to implement more of a blended learning style? How effective can I be implementing Blended Learning?

    Thanks for the food for thought!


  2. Rummages&Ramblings says:

    Reblogged this on Rummages&Ramblings and commented:
    Recently I’ve been reading Horn and Staker”s book on blended learning, Blended: Using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Blended learning models and flipped classrooms can benefit students as well as teachers. Thinking about personal professional development, these models can get more educators involved in personal PD. thanks for the post


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