A Blueprint for the Future of Relevant Schools

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George Philhower is betting on it being a more relevant way to do schooling, and many of his students and teachers are agreeing with him. He is the assistant superintendent of Western Wayne Schools, a school corporation in eastern Indiana. Just over 1,000 students were enrolled K-12 in Western Wayne’s three schools in the 2013-2014 school year.

George has been frustrated with the traditional school paradigm that so many schools across the United States and the world are sticking with. Graduation rates in his corporation are around 80 percent, but he sees potential for more. “We feel like, in order to reach the point where we’re at a 95 to 100 percent graduation rate, we really need to change the rules that we’re playing by,” he said. “We’re questioning what we do in the traditional setting and looking at putting things in place where we put students in the center.”

The model they’re patterning their work from is a school in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Innovations High School, which considers itself a “personalized learning school. Philhower and several of his teachers have visited the school, and Philhower has been working one-on-one with principal Kenneth Grover. Western Wayne Schools is basing its innovative model of school on three key components…

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