Sackstein: What if Education Honored Students’ Individuality…


Reposted from Education Week:

What if there was a way to bring individualized learning back to every student, putting them in charge of what and how they learn and redefining the idea of “teacher”?

In today’s educational climate, teachers are forced into rigorous testing schedules and then by their very nature, rigorous prepping schedules that shoves content and real pedagogy to the side most unceremoniously. Generally, educational reform moves slower than a turtle, but this testing epidemic actually sped through like the hare with little regard for loss in its wake.

For real education to make a resurgence and for more of the master teachers to come into the light, educational leaders, students, and parents need to take back the learning. No test can show what any one individual is capable of, nothing that comprehensive or meaningful exists. Whether on paper or now online, test questions whittle down the very uniqueness of learning to 4 or 5 “right” or “wrong” answers and nowhere in life is that applicable.

So what would individualized learning look like? Imagine this…

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