Trust Your Gut


Reposted from Pushing the Edge with Greg Curran:

In moving forward and disrupting the path that was clearly injurious to my health and relationships, I had to confront three key ways of thinking:

  • Work is not your life. There needs to be more to your life than work.
  • It’s not all about YOU. You can’t do it all. Step back, detach.
  • You need to be okay with it not working out – with it being less than perfect or with it failing – and not keep on pushing.

It took a while… but I did get a grip and disrupt my taken for granted ways in taking on board these ways of thinking. Or perhaps more appropriately, these ways of being or living. It took a while….but I rebuilt and found me again – And I began to trust in taking a risk or chance once more.

Where I am today – the myriad of pathways I’m exploring – the communities that I’m part of – are no doubt influenced by this turbulently challenging period. And as I reflect, there are clear shifts in my business as usual approaches…

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