Education Trends & Drivers Impacting Learning by 2020


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Presented by Deloitte, Gov2020 helps leaders from across the private and public sectors make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping the future. Gov2020 isn’t a crystal ball but it does pull together the best of Deloitte research and expertise from across the globe to start a discussion on what is probable, and even more importantly, what is possible.

At the heart of Gov2020 are two simple components—Drivers and Trends, each one written from the perspective of the year 2020. Drivers are the factors that change the context in which government operates and serves citizens. There are 39 drivers of change, categorized into six areas. Trends are the overall shifts that are likely—or at least possible—in 2020 across government domains. There are 194 trends spread across eight government domains; 26 are specifically in education.

Step into the classroom in 2020 and see powerful forces at play. A global shortage of skilled talent propels career-focused learning. Virtual learning, digitization, and augmented reality have made our old definitions of a classroom obsolete. Evolving learning needs redefine what education means, who delivers it and how. Students become teachers, learning from one another through
project-based learning and self-organized learning environments. Education funding shifts to pedagogical approaches proven to work via real-world trials. Unbundled, personalized, and dynamic education is the new normal.

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Read the Education 2020 document here. [PDF]

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