University as a Learning Design Challenge


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One of the things I’ve enjoyed in getting to know the community at the University of Texas Austin, is the energy that exists among fellow faculty to rethink the undergraduate experience. The Campus Conversation, an activity started by President Bill Powers in 2014, with three primary goals in mind:

  • How do we implement changes to curriculum and degree programs?
  • How do we evolve pedagogy for 21st century learners?
  • How do we create more opportunities for interdisciplinary and experiential learning for our undergraduates?

Meanwhile, MIT has been considering how the undergraduate experience needs to evolve through an Institute-wide Task Force, the product of which was the report  The Future of MIT Education: Reinventing MIT Education together. In it was a recommendation about greater modularity, as well. One of its attributes, in addition to allowing students greater influence on their own learning pathway, is the creation of structural ‘holes’ in the curriculum – making time and places for experiential learning.

Is there a pattern emerging?

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