8 Maryland School Systems’ Ed Tech Success


Reposted from EdSurge:

As the birthplace of one of the first things you learn in school – the “Star Spangled Banner” – it’s no wonder that Baltimore is home to blossoming innovation. The city hasn’t just attracted edtech startups over the past few years, such as Common Curriculum and Citelighter. It’s home to schools and districts all driving technology use forward with an intense focus on how it can benefit not just students, but the entire community.

Before we packed our snow boots and scarves to head for Baltimore, the EdSurge team took a deep dive into eight districts in Maryland. We learned that while each district is undergoing methodical rollouts with devices, productivity tools and even big data systems, they are also being incredibly thoughtful about how they inspire innovation. From cohorts of schools experimenting with personalized learning, to afterschool community programs devoted to blending recreation and technology, these educators are committed to putting technology to work in the classroom.

Here are 8 Maryland districts and their noteworthy ed tech successes…

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