This Video Made a Statement 7 Years Ago… [VIDEO 4:10]

How far have we come? How much does your classroom reflect the ideals shared by students in this video? Why haven’t we made more progress?

In a recent presentation I gave at the Systems Change Conference, I presented this reality, and suggested “It’s OK. Institutional change takes time.” A good friend and colleague of mine, Sherry Hughley Crofut, spoke up and challenged me. “But Walter, why? WHY is it OK?” She is right. I may want to use historical context to soften the OUCH of this video, but ultimately it’s not OK. Our children are the ones losing out. It’s time to push through to the promise of new learning, new creating, and new success.

2 thoughts on “This Video Made a Statement 7 Years Ago… [VIDEO 4:10]

  1. I was going to apologize for speaking out in your session, but thank you for validating my thoughts. I have been struggling with this for awhile and then I read the book, “Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning.” It gave me a vision where I believe education needs to go. I am tired of it taking time when I know we can do better and I will keep challenging people on that with my dying breath! Thank you, Walter!

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    • Sherry no need to apologize! The best sessions always push and pull people’s thinking. Thank you for pushing mine. The last thing I wanted to do was leave an impression that it’s OK to be stuck! 🙂


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