Urging a Common Sense Look at PARCC Testing


Reposted from Surely, You Can’t Be Serious:

We are not afraid of accountability. We are not afraid of working hard to raise our students up. Teachers and administrators are among the most hardworking and dedicated people on this planet. Unfortunately, PARCC and tests like it have become monsters that drain students of classroom instruction time, and adults of the opportunity to do what they do best: work with kids and raise their intellect and prepare them to be thoughtful, caring adults.

Students in Illinois are raising their voices via the #stopPARCC movement, because they know full well this is a non-relevant product. Colleges are not recognizing it and businesses could care less. It means nothing to students, other than the fact that they know it’s robbing them of their education.

I urge you to take a common sense look at the severely negative impact that this runaway testing culture is having on the students in this state.

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