How Parents Can Cultivate Empathy in Children [PDF]


Empathy is a key part of building a community of respect and kindness. Empathy can help us to value others, prevent bullying, and increase positive relationships. That’s why the Harvard Graduate School of Education has developed these five guideposts to help parents cultivate empathy in children. Perfect to share with families now that the new school year s underway. Access the PDF document here.

3 TED Talks That Can Change How You Learn, Teach & Lead


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“How do you conduct yourself in your classroom? As a leader, a learner, an observer, a participant, and a member of a larger group. All of these roles hold so much nuance that your students learn from. It is sometimes easy to forget how much our students are learning from us just by being with us and observing how we act in the classroom both with them, other students, and our colleagues.

The following three TED talks aren’t specifically school, student, or educator focused. But when you watch them, they can really get you thinking about how you’re conducting your classroom and how you’re addressing challenge, choice, effort, and leadership. Take a few minutes and watch them. They address the human obsession with personal choice and how that affects how we make collective choice (in the first video). In the second, Joi Ito, the director of the MIT media lab addresses the idea that we should be ‘now-ists’: people who build and innovate quickly, without constantly checking with others to ensure we’re doing the ‘right thing’ before continuing. The last video explores what it takes to be a great leader.

Once you’ve watched them, ask yourself if you would change anything you’re doing in your classroom (or everyday life) differently because of the new perspective they’ve offered:”

Renata Selecl on Choice [VIDEO 15:03]

Joi Ito on becoming a Now-ist [VIDEO 12:32]

Roselinde Torres on Great Leadership [VIDEO 9:20]

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