Actualization Integrated Social Media Strategy as of January 1, 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

McKenzie_Klout_combinedIn creating a social media strategy for my blog, Actualization: Human Potential Project, I wanted to reach out to colleagues through multiple channels, both the established Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as the emerging Pinterest, Instagram, and ASCD EDge. Content is pushed out through the established channels and archived in the emerging channels. Not all channels post the same content, and not all channels have been equally successful. The sum total for these efforts over the last eight months has fluctuated between a Klout score of 60 and 69, settling around 63 over the last three months. My blog, of curse, remains the original source for all my content, with the exception of Instagram which includes original photographs not posted elsewhere. I am very pleased with the success of this strategy thus far, and look forward to continuing to develop and fine tune its effectiveness in the year ahead!


Ideal Lengths for Social Media Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

ideal length

Ever wonder the optimal character count and word count for common social media posts? How about the ideal length of time it should take to view or listen to multimedia content? This infographic shares guidelines for optimal lengths for tweets, blog posts and subject lines, as well as SlideShare, Pinterest, YouTube, Ted Talks, podcasts and more. Consider them as helpful rules of thumb as you craft communications for your audiences.

Created by buffersocial and SumAll. See the original post here.


Leveraging Multiple Social Media Accounts For Better Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

leveragingsocialaccountsWe have created an infographic that depicts a typical day of the BundlePost social media marketing process. Below in the infographic we detail an example of our process using Instagram as well as an overview of what we do across all platforms.

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How to ROCK LinkedIn Publishing [INFOGRAPHIC]


Paul Shapiro shares stats, facts and tips on how to optimize posts on LinkedIn for search engine optimization (SEO), external backlinks, and the most views possible. The infographic was created by and originally posted on Top Dog Social Media.


Who Owns Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

who owns sm

Created by My Voucher Codes

Remember who really owns social media! These websites and applications don’t just exist. Big companies invest heavily in them to increase their reach and influence, and of course to turn a profit. Read more here.


Visual Content is the Future of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Visual content - the future of social media_3.2

The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in visual-based social media. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Ergo, visual-based social media networks are booming!


  • Social media is going visual and bite-sized.
  • All social networks must now be considered.
  • Different territories prefer different networks.
  • Some countries have their own specific networks.
  • Test your messaging across different channels.

Discover your own social media benchmarks. Take The Social Influencer survey.

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Social Media Content That Gets Attention [INFOGRAPHIC]


This infographic explains why organizations should use content marketing, what type of content has the best return on investment (ROI), and the metrics organizations should track. The content with the best ROI include:

  • Case studies
  • Product collateral
  • Customer testimonials

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