ICYMI: Friday January 2, 2015

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Here’s To A Better Me Ahead – original content by Walter

Actualization’s Top Curated Content from 2014 – annotated hotlist

What a Way to Start the New Year! [INFOGRAPHIC] – original content by Walter

Actualization Integrated Social Media Strategy as of January 1, 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] – original content by Walter

17 LinkedIn Profile Pointers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creativity and Orbiting the Giant Hairball of School

Let’s Align Approaches to Learning with the Affordances of the Digital Age [VIDEO 11:54]

Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Ed Tech Companies To Watch In 2015

Change Leader, Change Thyself

Deprogramming Kids From “Doing School” Can Improve Learning

The Toxic Culture of Education [VIDEO 17:02]

eLearning Trends to Follow in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Meet the Man Behind Common Core Math

PDK Poll: 81% of Americans Support Teacher Board Certification

Personalized Learning: Failure is No Longer an Option! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Teacher’s Surprising Lesson on Social Media Goes Viral

Life is Your Talents Discovered [VIDEO 10:58]

7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

12 People Who Took an Indirect Path to Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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