ICYMI: Friday December 26, 2014

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Sing Out! – original content by Walter

Actualization’s Top Original Content from 2014 – annotated hotlist

8 Merry Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Santa [INFOGRAPHIC]

Academic Mindsets: The Placebo Phenomenon

Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences

Social Media, Rudolph and Oprah [VIDEO 2:03]

Sir Ken Robinson on Individualization, Localization and Respect for Educators [VIDEO 19:12]

The New ABLE Law May Help Your Special Needs Child Save Money for the Future

Edward Snowden Speaking at the Cato Institute [VIDEO 1:01:20]

Seven Strategies for Changing the World

10 Trends to Personalize Learning in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating an Engine for Breakthrough Innovation in STEM Education

Boutin: We are Trying to Close the Achievement Gap All Wrong

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