Gut Check: Do You Have a Great Job?


Reposted from U.S. New & World Report:

This time of year may get you thinking and talking with family and friends about 2015, resolutions and future plans, both related and unrelated to work. It’s a good time to really explore how you feel about your job. Perhaps there’s one person you don’t particularly like. Or maybe your manager isn’t giving you the opportunities or salary you think you deserve.

It is very rare to get all the things you want in a job. There are some perks you have to let go and compromise on, just like in a relationship with a significant other. What’s important is to figure out what combination of circumstances you can put up with and what you really cannot. What is it you really dislike about work, and what is it you like? Write it down in two columns: “like” and “dislike.” You need to know yourself well to understand what makes you tick.

Or you may want to add a one-to-10 scale to your list. “One” would mean intolerable – makes you shake with rage – and “10” would mean completely satisfied. Then you can add up the points you’ve given to each thing on your list and see if the “likes” or “dislikes” win. The result will depend on how you view, react to and deal with people and situations. If you come across any of the circumstances listed below in your “like” column, you may not need the change you’ve been thinking about so soon…

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