Free Growth Mindset High School Transition Program [VIDEO 2:45]

This program teaches students that the brain is like a muscle and can become stronger by taking on new challenges and putting in effort. When students learn this, they try harder and do better in school. Past research shows that programs that teach students that intelligence can be developed, known as “growth mindset programs,” improve students’ grades and course pass rates.

This program is:

  • Scientifically Validated: Similar PERTS programs have increased GPAs and course pass rates, especially for students struggling academically.
  • Developed by Experts: Designed by leading education and motivation researchers.
  • Engaging: Program includes brief passages of reading, writing exercises, personal stories from other students, audio, and survey questions.
  • Simple: No training required.
  • Brief: 90 minutes total.
  • Free: As a part of improvement research.
  • Has No Control Group: All students will receive a version of a growth mindset treatment program.

Read more about the program and register here.

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