Sackstein: 11 Tips to Upgrade Your Classroom to the 21st Century

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Reposted from Starr Sackstein’s Blog:

Change should be the only tradition educators adhere to.

John Dewey said, “The self, is not something ready-made, but something continuously made through choice of action.”  And since education is not ready-made either, we need to continuously grow as educators to help our students develop as people.

Education, therefore must be in a constant state of maturation and growth completely contingent upon the time and place it is happening in. In this way, we can raise and nurture vitality in our students to help them become productive members of current society.

Maria Montessori said, “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

As educators, each of us must aspire to develop with the times we are teaching in. The 21st century is rich with new and exciting tools in technology that we can no longer ignore and why should we? Outlawing electronics is school is ridiculous when most students have them and need to learn to use them appropriately. We could harness these tools and use them the engage and teach students more effectively rather than use them as other reason for detention.

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