Ed Tech Approaching Pivotal Moment


Reposted from the Center for Digital Education:

Education technology is nearing a tipping point where IT leaders can help create a new education model for future generations.

Over the next two to three years, education will reach this tipping point where technology will drive a transformation in education, said Pete Just, chief technology officer of the Metropolitan School District in Wayne Township, Indiana. This transformation will improve education for the children and grandchildren of today’s workforce.

“This is the perfect time to be in the roles we’re in as tech leaders because we’re being listened to by the superintendent and the cabinet and the board,” Just said. “We have an opportunity to make a huge impact on all future generations of students by creating a model right now.”

Three things will drive education to the tipping point:

  1. Educator retirement
  2. A large volume of press that illustrates the need to change
  3. The ubiquity of tools that help make people’s careers and lives more efficient

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