Materials That Will Change the World: Graphene


Reposted from Forbes:

Graphene is just one example of a new class of “super-materials” that we are discovering using exponential technologies like infinite computing, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. These technologies will allow us to model new materials and material processes, and then actually bring them to market. And the pace of innovation is accelerating rapidly.

For graphene alone, 3,018 graphene patent applications were granted by July 2011. That number almost tripled to 8,413 by February 2013. Carbon nanotubes and aerogels are similarly exciting.

Another (secret) company is actually producing perfect artificial diamonds for orders of magnitude cheaper than current diamond products. Biomimetic nanomaterials are just coming online. Stanene (two-dimensional tin sheets) may be the next super material that competes with graphene. This is an incredibly exciting time for material science, and an incredible exciting time to be alive.

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