AU Fellowship Promotes New Media, Gaming and Entrepreneurship


Reposted from the Knight Foundation Blog:

As a top school in communication and media located in the nation’s capital, with expertise in journalism practice, media entrepreneurship and a growing capacity in game design and persuasive play, American University School of Communication is embarking on a pilot program to grow new leaders at the intersection of these domains.

With $250,000 in support from Knight Foundation, we are launching JoLT (Journalism Leadership Transformation), a program to incubate a cohort of disruptive leaders who – armed with experience and skills in engagement design, systems thinking and transformational leadership –  will pilot an effort to apply cutting-edge practices in game design to leadership challenges in journalism and media.

The JoLT pilot program will host three master’s student fellows, who will enroll full time in the MA in game design (operated jointly with American University’s College of Arts and Sciences) while participating in a range of activities such as news game jams, leadership workshops and design projects for the American University Game Lab and its project partners. JoLT will also enable fellows and leading industry professionals to explore game design thinking, rapid prototyping and journalism trends through two Washington, D.C.-based summits and a speaker series.

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