Report: Teachers Pay the Price for Incompetent Colleagues [PDF]


“Teachers are ready and willing to make changes to tenure-related dismissal policies. “Teachers pay the greatest price for incompetent teachers,” responds one teacher in the survey. “Year after year, [other teachers] pick up the slack.” And teachers think the union should play a role in simplifying the process of removing ineffective teachers instead of leaving it to the district and school administration.

Compared with teachers in 2007, teachers today are more likely to favor the union doing this: from 63 percent in 2007 to 75 percent in 2011. Veterans, the teachers most likely to favor strong job protections, have increased their support for unions taking on this function from 60 percent in 2007 to 75 percent in 2011. Newcomers show even stronger support, from 62 percent in 2007 to 91 percent in 2011. With “last-in, first-out” policies still the rule in most places and layoffs looming, this may reflect newer teachers’ frustration that their jobs are at risk.”

Excerpted from “Trending Toward Reform: Teachers Speak on Unions and the Future of the Profession” by Sarah Rosenberg and Elena Silva with the FDR Group, page 11 (2012).

Read the full report here (PDF).

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