Harvard Students Request to Cut Ties with Teach for America

harvard campus

Reposted from the Washington Post:

The Harvard Crimson student newspaper reported that members of the Student Labor Action Movement recently delivered a letter to University President Drew Faust “demanding the organization only send students to areas in which there is a teaching shortage, providing corps members more education and training, and cutting ties with corporations the students think threaten teachers unions such as Exxon Mobil and JP Morgan Chase.”

The letter urges Faust to cut ties with TFA — which recruits new college graduates, gives them five weeks of training in the summer and then sends them into high-poverty schools to be solo teachers — if these changes are not made by Oct. 8. TFA has placed thousands of corps members into classrooms over the last two decades.

While nobody should expect TFA to meet these demands, the letter is part of a larger student movement around the country started by the United Students Against Sweatshops which opposes the privatization of public education and believes that TFA is part of that effort.

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