Deeper Learning: The Academic Growth Mindset

growth mindset1

Reposted from Education to Save the World:

An April 2013 article by Camille A. Farrington explains that “[a]cademic mindsets are …both motivators for and outcomes of engagement in deeper learning experiences.”  You need academic mindset to be successful in deeper learning and conversely deeper learning experiences help students develop academic mindsets.  Based on a wide-body of research, Farrington introduces four academic mindsets.

These mindsets matter.  They help students engage in the complex work of deeper learning and are developed by that same learning.  What’s more they are highly correlated with adult success.  The great news about this news is that each of these minds is 1) malleable and 2) influenced by students’ school experience.

Farrington contends, “Students’ academic identities and attitudes and beliefs about schooling are strongly influenced by the school and classroom environment in which learning is situated; the structure of academic work, goals, support, and feedback in that environment; and the implicit and explicit messages conveyed to students about themselves in relation to that academic work.”

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