Forget Future Ready, how about Globally Ready?


Reposted from Rafranz Davis’ blog:

I found myself looking through conference proposals and sessions. It bothered me. I won’t lie. I feel like we, this edtech community, are further drowning ourselves into a pile of buzzwords and platforms so much so that I have to wonder if people really understand what transformation, innovation, inquiry and even creativity looks and feels like.

I get that one must learn about tech tools but I have to wonder why we do the exact opposite at these “learning events” that we want to see in schools. Why are we NOT putting the “how to use this app” things online and offering more discussion based sessions on things like writing better questions, learner empowerment, designing student driven lessons, community based projects, teaching beyond the test, reflection, feedback, research and soft skills…you know…the things that technology can enhance support. (See the update below for a more thorough and fluid expansion)

At some point we’ll figure out that while playing assessment app games are somewhat informing, our kids deserve much more than that when it comes to technology. Scanning a code for a math problem to solve is “fun” but how is that technology really enhancing supporting learning? Did the question change because it was scanned versus written in a book or on paper? Don’t even get me started on augmented reality. Yes, some kids love competition, but how is playing Kahoot different than “insert clicker name here”…and don’t you dare say, “because it has bright colors and music!” Just…No. We need technology, don’t get me wrong but I also know that we have to talk about how we are empowering students to lead in their schools, communities, states and globally! How are we preparing students to be not just “future ready” but Globally Ready?

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