What We Need To Understand About Innovation

A thoughtful post on the dynamics behind innovation. I highly recommend it for your reading consideration!


Sometimes what we fail to understand about a thing, is that it’s not always the thing itself, that inhibits us from moving that thing forward…

When we begin to understand that innovation is as much about change as it is about the novel and new, we will be better equipped to move it forward, as individuals, teams and organizations.

And while this is but a small detail, it pays back in big dividends.

When we alter our lens.  When we adjust our perspective.  When we understand that innovation is much more than a novel idea or a new invention, we will be better prepared to approach innovation from a whole, rather than just in parts.

This altering and adjusting will ultimately determine how successful we are with innovation.  It will determine our effectiveness in gaining not only interest, but adherents to our ‘new’.  In the end, it will be…

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