“Parent Power” Measured by Center for Education Reform


Reposted from Education News:

The Center for Education Reform (CER) has revealed its annual Education Report Card for states’ school systems measuring the autonomy and influence of parents on the education system. The Parent Power Index (PPI) evaluates and ranks states based on qualitative and proven state education policies. The higher the state’s grade, the more parents are given access and information about learning choices that can deliver successful educational outcomes for their children.

Only six states earned ratings above 80% in the area of allowing parents central power over their child’s education. A median score of 67.4% for Delaware shows what a poor job most states have done in increasing charter schools, allowing school choice through vouchers or tax credits, teaching quality, transparency, and online learning — the five main components that make up the state PPI scores. A ranking of 20 for Mississippi earned the honor of being the state that has made the most progress, moving up 21 positions and making it into the top 20 states after being in the bottom 11 states on previous ranking analyses.

Parent Power can be closely connected to whether a state’s governor is pro-reform or not. Although a governor’s stand on education is not directly factored into the state’s PPI, having a governor or candidate who is pro-reform will allow the state to have policies in place that will result in greater Parent Power.  There are 36 gubernatorial races this November, making this a time for enacting parent-empowering policies.

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View the Parent Power Index here.

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