Design Challenge Launched to Reimagine School Report Cards

Reposted from Getting Smart:

Calling all designers! The Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) has launched the My School Info Design Challenge (#SchoolInfo), a competition to reimagine school report cards. The design challenge stems from research published today in an accompanying brief, My School Information Challenge: Building a Better School Performance Report Card for Parents & Students. Written for designers and the general public, the brief gives further insight and research about the challenges with school report challenge

Recent research from Education Commission of the States (ECS) and ExcelinEd reveals that many of today’s report cards are difficult to find online and often impossible to understand. The #SchoolInfo challenge is an effort to provide parents with necessary information to make informed decisions about their student’s education, and to inform policymakers with information for reform strategies.

The #SchoolInfo challenge is open to the country’s top talent in design, technology, education, and parental advocacy fields.

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Visit the official challenge page here.

View the challenge design brief (.PDF) here.

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