Handholds in Climbing to the Peaks of Selfhood and Belonging


Reposted from the LearnForward blog:

Back-to-School Night is the backdrop of our LearnForward conversation.  It’s the traditional time in each school year when parents and educators gather together to learn about how we will proceed. The burning question on every parent’s mind is “How will you meet the needs of my child?”

Last week we began a conversation about climbing to the peaks of selfhood and belonging.

Each child is on an adventurous climb of ‘becoming.’  Selfhood is emerging.  Students are discovering what makes them tick as learners and as human beings.  LearnForward means the big people are providing handholds and supports along the way.

Have you thoughtfully considered with your child their learning goals based on strengths or growth areas for the term or year?  Have you started to rehearse and review those goals?  It’s not too late to start, right where you are.  It’s great conversation for a family meeting.  How can you reach out to your child’s teacher in that process?

It’s all about the climb to selfhood…

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