Gogy: 3 Key Concepts About Learning in the Digital Age


Reposted from SHIFT’s eLearning Blog:

“Learning is evolving—in large part due to the Internet. Now you may already know about this. It’s a fact you can’t miss thanks to the proliferation of mobile educational apps, and courses suited to on-the-go learning.

But there are three particular forces that affect the way we all learn online. These forces which are basically distinct features of new technologies demand that we should also continue to evolve as learning professionals. They include:

– The rise of greater connectivity and seamless networking in education,

– The development of global education as an approach to interdisciplinary study, and

– The virtualization of information through computer networking.

With these in mind, it’s time for us to move to Education 3.0. While Education 2.0 allows for greater interaction between teacher and student, student and content/expert, and among students, Education 3.0 emphasizes a more connectivist approach to learning and teaching. These three “gogies” of effective online learning will help you get a clearer picture.”

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