“Big Data Is Not The Panacea For All Education’s Woes” – Big Data Guru

big data

Reposted from the Smart Data Collective:

“With more and more technology and data in the classroom, there is the very real drawback of the teacher’s role becoming much more data-driven and administrative, which I believe already is a major problem.

Great teachers are in their profession because they are passionate about educating our children. They get a buzz from seeing kid’s eyes light up when they understand a new topic and they are passionate about making children flourish in a topic. Unfortunately, those same great teachers are generally less passionate about the fact that now algorithms take over that job and that their role involves (even more) data input and administrative work, even if all of this might ultimately helps pupils to excel.

So big data and technology is probably not going to be the panacea for all of education’s woes. I believe that it is critical that we build the technology alongside the vital role of great teachers and not alienate them through the use of data and analytics. In the end, as with every industry, understanding and applying the data and analytics processes to education will yield positive results and ultimately benefit teachers and students.”

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