Hey Daddy Warbucks! Let’s Run Your Business Like a School!

daddy warbucks tin can 800

Reposted from the Greensboro, NC News & Record:

“I would like to posit a scenario where “job performance and value” are based on the following objectives and conditions:

  •  You are meeting with 35 clients in a room designed to hold 20.
  • The air conditioning and/or heat may or may not be working, and your roof leaks in three places, one of which is the table where your customers are gathered.
  • Of the 35, five do not speak English, and no interpreters are provided.
  • Fifteen are there because they are forced by their “bosses” to be there but hate your product.
  • Eight do not have the funds to purchase your product.
  • Seven have no prior experience with your product and have no idea what it is or how to use it.
  • Two are removed for fighting over a chair.
  • Only two-thirds of your clients appear well-rested and well-fed.

You are expected to:

  • Make your presentation in 40 minutes.
  •  Have up-to-date, professionally created information concerning your product.
  • Keep complete paperwork and assessments of product understanding for each client and remediate where there is lack of understanding.
  • Use at least three different methods of conveying your information: visual, auditory and hands-on.

Does this business model seem viable? Of course not…”

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