Take Back Teaching Now


Reposted from Educational Leadership:

“Over the past two decades, there’s been a great deal of thinking and writing about teacher leadership. Administrators have been encouraged to nurture teacher leadership as a means of delegating responsibility for reaching schoolwide achievement goals. National alternate-entry programs are built around the concept of developing lifelong education leaders rather than superb classroom practitioners.

To be sure, teacher leaders share their good ideas, mentor novices, and build learning communities. Sometimes they’re selected for special hybrid roles. But what they don’t always have is control over their own work—and that’s the mark of a profession.

It will take a reconceptualization of our beliefs about teachers and teaching to accomplish the goal of creating a professional teaching force—a real sea change. Although such a shift may seem idealistic, other nations have been able to transform societal perspectives on what good teaching looks like, with skillful teachers taking professional responsibility for their students.”

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