A Model for Game-Enhanced Learning from Bergen, Norway [VIDEO 3:35]

This video showcases the digital, futuristic learning environments and game-enhanced curriculum that are at the core of learning at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary, a public high school located in the coastal city of Bergen in Norway. “We want children to know they can change the world. We want them to know they are important,” shares principal Lin Holvik.

Commercial games are repurposed and modified to support curricular goals, as opposed to driving them. Of course, learning can and should also be based on games, as they are valid texts that can be studied in and of themselves, but it is important to see video games as elastic tools whose potential uses exceed their intended purpose.

The Norwegian Ministry of Education now takes video games seriously, and has designated two officials, Jørund Høie Skaug and Vibeke Guttormsgaard, to undertake a national project to integrate games in schools. “With a great team of young teachers with game experience, and with time to plan and develop their game pedagogy, Nordahl Grieg now shines as an example and an inspiration to other schools,” said Guttormsgaard. Skaug added that they are developing a CivilizationThe Walking Dead and Portal 2 teaching guide with the gamer-teachers at Nordahl Grieg.

Read more about teaching examples at Nordahl Grieg here.

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