Not-So-Smart About SMART Boards

Reposted from the 21st Century Teacher:

“TSBhe students are sitting in their desks or at their tables watching the teacher do technological magic tricks. Every once in a while, the teacher invites a student up to interact. The student touches a few places on the screen or writes analtanswer on the board with those fantastic markers, and then bows and returns to her seat. Then, the teacher thanks her volunteer from the audience and resumes the magic show, er, I mean, interactive lesson!

And that’s it. This is where I’m confused. SMART has a tagline on their corporate homepage that suggests that “millions of students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard…help improve learning outcomes.” I don’t think this is over the top or overblown. I do believe that SMART Boards are being used in ways that actually do help. I just don’t think it’s happening very often, and certainly not with “millions of students and teachers.”

Every new toy gets old. Every new method of displaying lesson media is going to get boring. Every technological solution in education has the potential of being overused or, in the case of SMART Boards, misused.”

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