3 Reasons Skateboarders Make Great Entrepreneurs


Reposted from Entrepreneur:

“Skateboarders’ controversial traits are precisely the things that let them defy convention. They may be just the folks to do things other people won’t when they transition from the world of skateboarding to the business scene.

Skaters might spend hours every day learning how to switch hard flip down six stairs or land a nollie overcrook down a handrail. You might think they’re dedicated or addicted, but in reality they’ve learned how to make something difficult something so much fun it doesn’t feel like work. Entrepreneurs might be able to relate.

When these kids grow older, they may not skate three to six hours a day, but they’ll never forget what it felt like to try a trick 200 times for six days before landing it once, and then trying another 100 times to land it a second time. Here are three reasons a 14-year-old skateboarding son, who can’t be nudged to do his homework, might end up as the CEO of a successful tech startup some day…”

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