Whose Line Is It Anyway?! [MEME]


A long ways back, when a linear assembly line was a breakthrough concept, the United States geared up to train its citizenry to be good soldiers and bureaucrats through its public schools. Everyone piled on: business, textbook publishers, the military. But as the American Century ran its course, hindsight began asking questions for which we still don’t have answers. How does this align with the capacity demands needed by our free market economy? How do we know students are succeeding? How do we measure, describe and treat students who don’t succeed?

The more we have been thinking and over-thinking the answers to these questions, the more entrenched we have become in measuring students which leads to measuring teachers which leads to measuring schools, and the coin of the realm has become data and nothing but data. And since politics and media have started driving the discussion, the boards and agencies that should be leading education are squarely and pointedly cracking the whip in the name of assessment accountability. After all, if we can reduce the entire discussion to numbers, no one has to pay closer attention to what is actually happening on the ground in classrooms to our children. Does it matter that students are being more tested than taught? That standardized testing in and of itself is not an accurate snapshot of student learning? That cheating scandals are breaking out all over the country? That no one is actually taking responsibility for the disconnect between public education and the needs and demands of our society?

Drew Carey mindlessly hosting public education like a high-stakes game show; if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. Whose line is it anyway? It’s the line of every American who wants better for this country. And while a quip and a big thumbs-up from Drew may prompt a smile, the reality of the irony hits too close to home. Close enough to wake up the American public and change course? We shall see. Queue Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady…

2 thoughts on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?! [MEME]

    • Totally agree! Running public education like a corporation is a farce; political and business interests do this to divide and conquer. Those interests will sell out anyone to make a buck. And creativity cannot be measured in dollars! 🙂


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