Political Gridlock is the Enemy of Children

Speaker Pelosi Swears In Members Of The 111th Congress

Reposted from Campaign for Children:

“With important issues facing our nation, very little is getting done. And for our nation’s children, stalemate in Congress precludes action on addressing a wide array of problems, including: changing child welfare financing even though the cost of inaction threatens the very lives of children; addressing child poverty; taking action to reduce gun violence; addressing child labor in tobacco fields; reforming of the No Child Left Behind education law that has incited grassroots movements of teachers, parents and students against the over-testing it has imposed on children in schools across the country; addressing technical problems for kids in the Affordable Care Act, such as the “kids glitch;” and, making critical investments in our children such as early childhood education.

When you give up on the idea of attempting to “legislate,” one result is that, legislative ideas, proposals and debate are less frequent. If we can agree on one thing on a bipartisan basis, it would seem that both parties can at least acknowledge that we reached a place of clearly misplaced priorities if we will soon be spending more money on interest payments on the federal debt than investing in our children.

This is simply the wrong direction for our nation to be heading if we are concerned about our children and our future. Although the forces of inertia and the defenders of the status quo will not give way easily, we must build support for change.”

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