Colleges’ Late-to-the-Party Scramble to Get Ready for Common Core


Reposted from Washington Monthly:

“Even though the Common Core has been promoted as a means of better preparing America’s children for college and careers, the people who run higher education have, for the most part, gotten involved only late in the process, they and others say. Despite years of blaming each other for precisely the lack of preparation among students that the Common Core is supposed to address, educators at the various levels of the education system have proven tough to bring together. Everybody at the table is thinking, ‘Why should I spend my resources? Why should I spend my time? Am I going to get an award for my work? What’s in it for me?’”

But their comparative absence until now was not a big surprise to Anand Vaishnav, a senior consultant at Education First and project manager of the Core to College initiative, a network of 11 states – Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington – that are trying to align their primary and secondary schools with higher education.

“These sectors are completely different, with completely different cultures and leaders and governing structures and incentives, and the lines aren’t always clear,” said Vaishnav. “The Common Core is a great way to put an end to the blame game.”

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