How Personalized Learning Will Transform Education [VIDEO 5:33]

Knewton founder Jose Ferriera explains how technology bandwidth and devices are creating the context for personalizing education. Student work online can be tracked, he explains, so that an incredible amount of data can be collected on each child’s progress, strengths and needs. As a result, they can be accommodated very specifically in what and how they are taught. “The combination of data and access will completely change how instruction is delivered and how children will learn.”

2 thoughts on “How Personalized Learning Will Transform Education [VIDEO 5:33]

  1. I like how Knewton is building the usefulness of technology in education, for sure it is the future, but still I do think online education is best delivered when you have a three way dynamic, the computer (of course), the teacher (alive and standing in the classroom) and the class as a whole (sitting next to each other). I know for subjects such as maths and physics, evidence shows that online learning is better, but for most subjects the concept of discussion and that ‘pat on the back’ by the teacher there in front of you is a huge part of the learning experience as well as the computer content. Interesting though that in the video he has exactly that, students at computers, a teacher walking around and many people in a class….I’m assuming that is his ideal too.

    This approach means that everyone in the whole world can have access to the same best education models…my dream situation too (so long as they can get the internet that is!)


    • Yes I believe you’re right. In this model technology is used to provide immediate feedback and collect data on student progress. Teachers and peers are still part of the design. My question is, how do we ensure all of the learner data collected remains protected?


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