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Reported from the Huffington Post:

As I watch the education “debate” in America I wonder if we have simply lost our minds. In the cacophony of reform chatter — online programs, charter schools, vouchers, testing, more testing, accountability, Common Core, value-added assessments, blaming teachers, blaming tenure, blaming unions, blaming parents — one can barely hear the children crying out: “Pay attention to us!” Our children need our attention, not political platitudes and more TED talks.

In the 13 years since NCLB there has been no — zero, nada — progress in education. Most claims of improvement can be attributed to changing the standards or shifting kids from one place to another — educational gerrymandering. We’ve reduced education to dull test-prep and we can’t even get improved results on the tests we prep for! That is a remarkable failure.

Only in contemporary America can a humanitarian crisis be just another way to make a buck.

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