One Way Education Transformation Begins…


Reposted from EdSurge:

“In July 2013, Matchbook Learning, a national K-12 school turnaround nonprofit, partnered with Burns to bring up scores and graduation rates by using a student-centered learning approach. And one major facet of that? Individualized learning that brought an end to K-8 grade levels in mathematics and English language arts.

Assistant principal Settles reports that almost every Burns students has made overall improvement: “99% of our students are “leveling up” in math and ELA, even before the end of the year.” Whether Burns will expand these practices to science and social studies remains to be seen. But according to Settles, the main concern right now is developing Burns beyond competency-based learning. “Our goal is to level across the whole board (by 2015-2016),” Settles explains, “in math, science, social studies, and ELA. But we are are also looking at moving more towards project-based learning, ensuring the alignment of teaching with Common Core… We are going to dig deeper now.”

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