Let’s Reimagine Everything!


Reposted from John Hope Bryant on LinkedIn:

If you want to identify young people who will become the next NFL or baseball star, we have a system for that, and we can tell you who the stars for those sports will be around the same ages.

If you want to identify pure academic IQ in America, we have a proven system for that. It’s called grades, GPA and things like ACT scores.

But if you want to identify the one skill that America needs to continue to rise, grow and thrive — the builder/leader/entrepreneur skill set — there is absolutely no system for that. We just leave that one to chance. No wonder everyone from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs to Ted Turner to Michael Dell, just opted right out of college. My guess is, at some point the experience just wasn’t speaking to them. And it’s not just them.

I don’t remember how tough classes or school was, or even all of the none stop drama that occupied my inner-city neighborhood of Compton, California. I was all wrapped up in my dreams. And here I am today, a businessman running a global enterprise, creating jobs, and meeting a payroll every two weeks. It wasn’t rocket science, it was role modeling.

Let’s actually prepare our kids for both the jobs that actually exist in the world, and the bold aspirations that are locked away in their soul. Let’s reimagine everything!

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